The Bombing Of The United States Essay

The Bombing Of The United States Essay

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A beautiful morning of September 11, 2001, when I wanted to take my oldest daughter Jennifer to Glen Forest Elementary school in the village of Falls Church, Virginia; and my wife Jenny to her English class at Northern Virginia Community College sighted in the sky an airplane of American Airlines. I pointed to my wife in that airspace was not used by commercial planes because it is not the typical approach of an aircraft landing at Ronald Reagan airport; at the college entrance, we see on TV the news that a plane crashed by accident in one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. At that time no one present thought that was developing one of the most infamous terrorist attacks has been committed on US soil. Without knowing what was about to happen, I continued my route I -95 and up to the Glebe Road envisioned a plane quickly passed in front of my eyes about 500 meters. Unfortunately, I witnessed the attack on the Pentagon; then I reported by phone to the Ministry of Defense in the Dominican Republic. Who instructed me to do condolence letters and unconditional support to the Government of the United States of America to fight a faceless enemy called terrorism. These letters were one of the first to reach the office of President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who in my opinion acted courageously, decisively and justice that the moment required. All people who live in the United States at that time, feel firsthand what it 's like to live in a country at war.
When reading the introduction to the book of Bryan Orend, I felt the need to express for the first time my professional experience as Assistant Defense Attaché and Planning Officer for the Operation Iraq Freedom in Washington. What we saw, suffered...

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...out the legitimacy of states to attack each another; to fend off internal asymmetric conflicts or to defend themselves from external aggression.
In this political and philosophical context it applies the concepts put forward by Walzer on "Legitimacy and Justice of war." when it is pointing to the "moral reality of war," which consists of two parts and makes war be tried twice: "a) in relation to why having a state for combat, and b) depending on the means that it is carried out the action."
The war today waged by the West against terrorism, but has been criticized a just war far from being desired is needed, And has affected millions of innocent people, divided families and has created a problem in the economy of many states due to forced displacement of refugees; we understand that postulated by Walzer and Orend collect force in the resolution of these conflicts.

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