Essay on Bodybuilding : A Paradigm Of Happiness

Essay on Bodybuilding : A Paradigm Of Happiness

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Dombrowsky 1
Derek Dombrowsky
Herr Kröesche
English 12
8 May 2012
Bodybuilding, a paradigm of happiness
In recent discussions of Bodybuilding, an issue has been whether having an
outstanding physique can lead to an endless life of happiness. On the one hand, some
argue that Bodybuilding can bring out the positivity and confidence in someone. On the
other hand, however, some argue that Bodybuilding can lead to neglect of your family
and friends and eventually take over your social life. In the words of one expert, “Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty, and pride.”According to this view, it’s important to be dedicated but also have pride in what you do best. Ultimately, BodyBuilding is the best career choice at this time because I am a very dedicated person, but I’m also able to put my responsibilities in front of everything.
Bodybuilding has been around ever since the early 19th century. It was promoted by Eugene Sandow of Konigsberg, Prussia. Sandow was known for being able to distort
his muscles by using different poses in order to impress his audience of his
physique.( After his amazing performances, Sandow was later known
as “The Father of Modern Bodybuilding”. This first bodybuilding competition in America
took place on January 16th 1904 in Madison Square Garden. It has ever since attracted
followers and competitors of all ages. Not to be mistaken with Bodybuilding, “Weight-
training/lifting is a similar sport that had initially been used to gain power and strength
in ancient Greek societies.”( Weightlifting is a crucial part of
every Bodybuilders career, however Bodybuilding is mainly influenced by the use of
supplements and muscle enhancers to tone up a person’s ph...

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Pro arguments that refute cons
-An increase in confidence and better looking physique can actually lead to an increase in
social skills as you are more confident when talking to people.

-Body Building can lead to a life of happiness as long as you don’t abuse it and not think
about your responsibilities before anything else.
- The more confidence and determination you have in life, the happier you will end up
-It’s always nice to have a good physical appearance.

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