Black Women Have Been Imprisoned For Having The Girlfriend Role Essay

Black Women Have Been Imprisoned For Having The Girlfriend Role Essay

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Black women have been imprisoned for having the ‘girlfriend role’. This is when a woman is dating a drug dealer and gets caught in the drug conspiracy charge due to her boyfriends or husbands drugs in one form or another (acluvideos, 2008). This does not just hurt the woman who was convicted but also here children and other dependents. Black women who live in poor neighborhoods are disadvantaged within their disadvantaged neighborhoods and are often exploited by men who hold the power.
Blacks have been stereotyped to be criminals since the slavery era. The stereotypes of blacks being criminals led to justifying keeping blacks slaves and other types of discrimination (Kennedy, 1998, pg 13). After slavery blacks were believed to have a tendency to commit horrendous crimes and this led to justification for their lynchings and policies to control blacks (Kennedy, 1998, pg 13). Politicians and the media have also supported the stereotype of blacks and their involvement in crime (Kennedy, 1998, pg 13), especially violent crime that the public fears most. Blacks have also largely committed violent crimes such as robbery, murder, rape and aggravated assault (Kennedy, 1998, 13).
Whites have historically been seen as good and have been associated with angels and Jesus,and blacks have been treated the opposite with everything bad including being seen as dangerous and stupid (Myrdal, G., 1944). Racial prejudice has affected blacks in housing exclusions, social welfare programs, and poor schooling (Kennedy, 1998, pg 14). Findings have suggested that employment status and race is linked to the perception of ability to be able to be reformed and the dangerousness of the offender (Spohn, C., & Holleran, 2000). Unemployment blacks are seen to b...

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...t have been impoverished, and isolated that lead to disorder and crime (Miller, J. 2008). This can lead to increase in physical conflict, and members of the community being victims of crimes.
Blacks have not been protected since the slavery times to the jim crow era to current times compared to whites (Kennedy, 1998). Police have used race as a sign of increased possibility of criminal activity (Kennedy, 1998, pg 138). This has put many races under heightened suspicion throughout history including the japanese during the 1940s, drug policies targeting blacks and mexicans for marijuana, and asians have also been victims of being target by opium drug policies (Kennedy, 1998, pg 366). There are fewer blacks who do drugs than whites in America which is the opposite of what many people think, but they are arrested at 3 times the rate than whites. (CinedorPictures, 2007).

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