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Black Forrest, Colorado Springs, Colorado Essay examples

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The heavily wooded but fast growing area of Black Forest, Colorado is a fantastic destination for habitual wildlife, familial, and individual enjoyment. Located just north of Colorado Springs and situated in El Paso County, originally known as “the pineries”, Black Forest is chock-full of rich Native American antiquity and well-made frontier handiwork accompanied by beautiful natural wildlife, county and historic parks for small and large group fun. Black Forrest is one of Colorado’s natural gems, and a place to visit and delight in earth’s natural splendor.
The area of Black Forest was settled in pre-colonial times by numerous native Indian tribes like the Utes and the Comanche’s. These groups were eventually driven out by various other groups like the Arapahoe and Cheyenne tribes who prior to settlement drove out the native Kiowa tribes, the Arapahoe and Cheyenne consequently, were the last known native inhabitants of the area. These native tribes made great use of the land which was abundant with natural and valuable crops and trees. With vegetation such as the Ponderosa Pines which provided fuel and materials for building, and the corn and wheat crops used for multifaceted tools and cooking items, the various indigenous groups were well suited to their surrounding location. White settlers began to inhabit the area in earnest around the mid 1800’s and eventually became the dominant group of the range by the 1860’s. This eventually led to the perpetual settlement and commercialization of the area and it later became known for its lumber, cattle and crop farming, ranching, and potatoes. By the late 1880’s Black Forest was predominantly shipping out cattle, potatoes, crops such as corn, wheat and hay. However ...

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... Peoples Natural Gas Facility
3 Wolford Elementary School 14 Mountain View Electric Substation
4 Black Forest Community Center 15 Mountain Bell Facility
5 Black Forest Fire Station 16 Black Forest Assembly of God
6 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 17 Our Lady of the Pines (Catholic)
7 Bookmobile Stop 18 First Baptist Church
8 Black Forest Community Church 19 Peoples Natural Gas Purchase Point
9 Black Forest Lutheran Church 20 Falcon High School
10 Black Forest Post Office & Newspaper 21 Woodlake Park Site
11 El Paso City Public Works North Service Office 22 Forest Green Park Site

Don’t hesitate to come and visit one of Colorado’s most scenic areas, pass through the area or enjoy extended or permanent experience, Black Forest and Colorado history is here in profusion past and present for your full amusement and satisfaction!

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