Black Boy ( American Hunger ) Review Essay

Black Boy ( American Hunger ) Review Essay

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Black Boy (American Hunger) Review
The “Black Boy” book by Richard Wright explains both the evident and dangerous effects of racial discrimination in the Southern United States during 1920s. By reading this book, readers can clearly learn about horrible ways African Americans were treated by whites, how only limited employment and educational opportunities were available for them and Christianity role played in black’s life.
In chapter one, Richard learns to hate at the very early age when his father leaves family for another woman. And because of that, his mother and her children were hungry all the time. Every time he begs his mother for food she reminds him that he has no father no more. That establishes a bitter association between his father and hunger. He also experiences being beaten, an orphanage life and begins to understand problematic relations between whites and blacks. He keeps starting and soon ending school throughout his early ages and moves to different places throughout his entire life.
As Richard grows older and taller, he becomes friends with other black boys...

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