Birth Order and Its Implications on Personality Essay

Birth Order and Its Implications on Personality Essay

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At the intersection of psychology, sociology and biology lies a rich subject for exploration: birth order and its implications on an individual’s personality. In the past, research has identified trends and tendencies linking personality to birth order, the ranking of siblings within a family. Even though siblings within the same family have the same parents, the interactions with those parents will differ due to innate or genetic differences between the siblings. As such, their experiences within the family unit can be varied and this can affect their psychological development. Through the analysis of academic performance, parenting expectations, and social behaviors, once can see that birth order has a significant bearing on one’s personality.

There have been a number of studies conducted about the relationship between birth order, and intelligence. As early as 1874, Francis Galton took an interest in the relationship between scholarly achievement and birth order. In studies throughout the years a high representation has been found in “first born” children over subsequent children in Nobel “Prize winners (Clark & Rice, 1982), classical music composers (Schubert, Wagner & Schubert, 1977) and Psychologists (Terry, 1989)” (Esping, 2003 p. 1). According to Dr. Kevin Leman, author of “The Birth Order Book,” he states “statistics show that first-borns often fill positions of high authority and achievement” (Leman, 2009, p. 19). Furthermore, of the forty-four United States presidents, 28 were first-borns and all but two U.S. astronauts were first born (Leman, 2009). This goes to show that first-borns are noted as the more academically driven sibling. One of the many factors that contribute to first-borns having higher academic ach...

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