Essay about Biography of Henry David Thoreau

Essay about Biography of Henry David Thoreau

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Biography of Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was born July 12, 1817. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts. He lived a wonderful life as a poet and essayist. Its sad to say that he pasted away on May 6, 1862 in Concord. The first year of his life his family moved away, but also returned five years later. He grew up in a village and later reached his manhood. His favorite thing about the village was the woodlands, streams, and meadows. He was the third child in his family.
As his life was expanding meeting new people he grew into a friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was also a poet and essayist. It made it easier for Thoreau to write. Their friendship started when Emerson settled in Concord during Thoreau's sophomore year at Harvard. In the year of 1837 they were great friends. If it wasn't for Emerson's self-reliance then he would still be Thoreau's friend.
Emerson's company made it possible for Thoreau's career choice to come true. In 1837, Emerson suggested that Thoreau keep a journal which covered thousands of pages before his final entry two months before his death. He then polished some essays he had written in college and then wrote some poems. It was going along great until his move.
He moved to Walden Ponds. In Concord Thoreau was involved in his family business which consisted of making pencils and graphite. By 1845 he got tired of the family business so he went and took up an idea of one of his Harvard classmates who built a waterslide. As spring came Thoreau picked a spot near Walden Pond,
Which is a small glacial lake located two miles south of Concord.Thoreau's life was moving on and so wasn't his home. Thoreau left Walden after he passed the peak of his career. His life was losi...

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...s work was always rich and full of details, complex contradictions. He appreciated everyone in his years of life. His most favorite thing while writing books and essays and poetry was using words to force his readers to rethink their own lives and obstacles creatively. He always spent his life rethinking his past and future actions, thoughts, asking questions to get a better understanding of concepts. He loved to look to nature for greater intensity and meaning for his life.
Henry David Thoreau was great person. He didn't judge anyone for their actio0n that were wrong in his opinion. As already mentioned he appreciated everyone not just the ones that bought his books. In my opinion I think it would be a great experience to live back in the day when Henry David Thoreau lived to see how much the world has changed.


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