Biography of French Painter Jacques-Louis David Essay

Biography of French Painter Jacques-Louis David Essay

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My first choice of French painter, Jacques-Louis David’s work is Napoleon Crossing the Alps. As important as the Church of the Savor on Blood was and still is important to Russia, Jacques-Louis David was important to revolutionary France. He lived in a very turbulent time in France’s history. He was a passionate supporter of French Revolution and the idea of overthrowing the monarchy. As a French revolution came closer to reality, David turned away from a typical classical subject that he was trained to paint and turned his brushes and an imagination towards depicting political events that were surrounding him and France. One of the most iconic historical paintings has become Napoleon Crossing the Alps. The work is neo-classical, because it refers to the antiquity equestrian portrait and modeled to a classical ideal. Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Joseph Stalin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Elizabeth I, and many other significant rulers in mankind’s history had been either praised or outright hated. Napoleon Bonaparte is no exception. Napoleon Bonaparte was always, and still is...

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