Big Dreams And Hopes For A Successful Future Essay

Big Dreams And Hopes For A Successful Future Essay

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Born in Thomasville, Ga in 1971 with big dreams and hopes for having a successful future, a future that would make her happy as well as her family. Before I interviewed Stephanie Arrington, I expected her to be the student, the one that knew all of her plans and had her life figured out in the beginning, but only to find out she did not; she had a long journey of making decisions and changing her mind during and after her college career.
Stephanie Arrington graduated from Central High School (Thomasville, Ga) in the year 1989, and then decided she would further her education at Brewton Parker College. Her plan was to obtain a biology major; however, Brewton Parker College did not have that at the time. So, Arrington got as many sciences as possible as a secondary science teacher. Later on, she tried student teaching and she did not enjoy it, at all. The bad experience with student teaching made her think, "this is not for me", so she chose another route.
After four years at Brewton Parker College, Arrington enrolled in Georgia Southern and received her biology major. Her plan then was to work at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Ga because she knew teaching was not for her after the student teaching experience. While at Georgia Southern, she received a graduate assistantship, similar to a scholarship. Georgia Southern paid for her schooling while she taught in the laboratories. Mrs. Arrington really enjoyed being on her own, teaching in the labs, and helping the students learn, which made her think again about possibly teaching. In addition to teaching, she also considered pharmacology, but then again, she did not want to stand behind a counter counting pills for the rest of her life. So, she still was st...

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...ubstitute teacher, and that was that. However, she does want to do something after she retires and while she is waiting on her husband to retire.
In the end, I asked Mrs. Arrington a question that I felt was most important, an answer that needed to be saved until the end. I asker her if teaching had helped her grow as a person and her answer showed how much her relationship between her teaching and her students told it all. She explained that teaching had made her become more social to a point, that she was completely comfortable with her students in the classroom whereas in a room full of adults, she may not be as relaxed. She told me that it was important to get to know her student 's names and who they were as soon as possible, as in the first day of school. Teaching changed Mrs. Arrington, and it has pushed her into a better and more enhanced individual.

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