The Between Federalists And The Anti Federalists Essay

The Between Federalists And The Anti Federalists Essay

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After gaining independence and becoming a republic, America is on the path for setting a new democracy. Trial and error was done with the Article of Confederation and soon came the publishing of the Constitution with ratification by the states which guarantee a new government. Conflicts regarding the passing of the Constitution existed between the Federalists and the anti-federalists which was resolved after the promise for a Bill of Rights. By the 1800, Washington had already retired from presidency and John Adams was the president with another election coming up. It was an incredible feat for Washington to guide a new nation through the experimental stage. Despite this, conflicts still resides in America and one is its political identity. By the 1800, the national political identity is not unified at all and this is due to the start of political parties which has caused separations of the people.
Political parties did not exist when Washington was first sworn into office and was not envisioned by the Founders. Prior to parties, there were factions that contested issues which soon fades away when their cause is either solved or fizzled. The parties has came into existence due to the rivalry between archrivals, Jefferson and Hamilton. Jefferson and Hamilton both hold an office in the cabinet under Washington but with opposing opinions. The main parties were the Federalists that followed Hamilton’s belief and the Democratic Republic who branched off Jefferson’s idea, which both started in 1792. The two parties were different in many ways where the Federalists advocated a strong central government, was pro-British and believed in a loose construction of the Constitution; whereas, the Democratic-Republicans called for a weak centra...

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...o push for honoring the alliance. Regardless of this, the next time when there was dispute with France (XYZ Affair), the Jeffersonian is in favor of peace with France but Hamilton wanted war. The two parties never came to an agreement and Hamilton was enraged when Adams reached for peace with France. This shows that the two parties will continue to struggle for an agreement and unity is something can’t be attained due to opposing viewpoints.
Even though the Constitution was created to form a better Union, not everything can be unified such as a common political identity. Ensuring for a unified national identity has always been a struggle in America dating back even before their Independence (Loyalist and Patriots). The cause of this is due to the many views that each person holds. As long as everyone have their own separate viewpoints, disputes are bound to show up.

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