The Between Arts And Entertainment Essay

The Between Arts And Entertainment Essay

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The qualifications for classifications as art, the connection between arts and entertainment, the relationship between business and the arts and the safety net of the non-profit classification are explored in the following paragraphs.
What is art? The distinction between what the masses consider art is indeed changing. Gone are the days where only precise oil-paintings by a classical trained man in a black baret are exclusively classified as the only true form of art! Nowadays people are willing to label numerous activities that involve creative processes as “art.” After All what is art? Rosewall defines art a “a set of activities involving human creativity, divided into various disciplines including visual arts, music, literature and dance.” (Rosewall p2) Rosewall uses the word including definition; she does not excluded lesser recognized forms of art, nor does she specify the medium in which the internal creativity has to be expressed through in order to considered “art.” What is categorized as art varies from the classical orchestra written by an famous composer , and intricate detailing of a leg of a table to a the design at a high-end restaurant or even a carefully designed aesthetic of billboard located of a highway’s intersection. According to Roswell 's definition the term art can be used to describe a “activities involving human creativity” (p 2) which includes but is not limited to culinary design, crafts, architecture, digital design and a plethora of other undiscovered platforms. The strict classification of what can be art is slowly, but surely, dissipating, just as the line between arts and entertainment.
The arts and entertainment industry are intertwined. Afterall, visual and performing arts are a form of ent...

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...1(c)3 status in order to be on the receiving end of numerous government issued grants. It seems as though many organizations default to being a 501(c)3 because they do not have faith in themselves to stand alone as an independent organization. Being a government subsidized organization opens a unique can of worms. Government subsidized organizations have to publicize all records and present a mission statement that proves their value to the community. They also must have a board representative of local community that assists in the decision making process. The organization must listen to the board. The board has the potential to hinder the creative vision of the director if the board disagrees with a proposition. Although being a non-profit organization offers much financial relief for an organization it does have the con of potential blocking the creative vision.

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