Benefits Of Using Auditory Information Essay

Benefits Of Using Auditory Information Essay

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In another study, conducted by Utley, Nasr and Astill (2010), the benefits of using auditory information to better the outcome of precise situation in children with movement difficulties were measured. Three groups, non-ball game activities, ball games without sound, and ball games with sound, showed that sound can be used in a variety of ways such as a stimulation of a motor response and providing feedback. It shows that sound has similar characteristics like vision (Utley et al., 2010). The researchers concluded that the role of sound is specifically beneficial for the superior colliculus (SC), which helps to locate objects. However they are not sure if the overload of the SC is the reason for better outcomes when using the advantages of sound in developing movement patterns. Overton (2008 in Utley et al., 2010) on the other hand says that the complete overload of SC can be especially tremendous for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) due to its hypersensitivity. It would be interesting to see if blind infants are also hypersensitive in the SC due to their dependency on locating objects based on sounds and if so could sound involvement cause a overwhelming response to such treatment?
Also not being able to see what others are doing and trying to copy them, is a detrimental part of learning to walk. According to Adelson & Fraiberg (1974) they are highly dependent on spatial language and other cues to be able to perform other higher cognitive challenging tasks.
Spatial language is one way to support navigation and motor skill development, but it showed in research that it is one of the slower ways to navigate according to Klatzky, Marston, Giudice, Golledge, & Loomis (2006). Spatial language is using sp...

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...r to the previous finding Cautilli and Dziewolska (2006) suggested that independent of the ability to see frequent practice of the stepping reflex in 5-month old infants builds up the effectiveness of walking later on. Even though the reflex disappears for a certain while due to the weight gain of the infant (Thelen, & Fisher, 1982 in Cautilli and Dziewolska, 2006), infants will start earlier to walk. The leg muscles grow disproportional with extra fat tissue (Thelen et al., 1984 in Savelsbergh, 2005). This time of development it is highly important for the infant to have a higher percentage of fat tissue then muscles mass, which can established once the child gradually builds up the muscle strength (Savelsbergh, 2005). It is important to offer many opportunities for the infant to practice it, so they can perfect the efficiency of the bending and lifting of the leg.

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