The Benefits of Tablets Essay

The Benefits of Tablets Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to show the benefits of tablets verses textbooks.
Back when my parents were in school they were required to do their reports with the help of the good old encyclopedia. This required numerous trips to the local library and heavy book bags. At that time computers didn’t have the benefit of the worldwide web. As time has gone by, technology has advanced numerously. The world is growing and we must grow and adapt to it.
The benefits of a tablet far out-weight the old school textbooks. You can fit several volumes on a tiny tablet that weighs less than a pound. You have the benefit of surfing the web to utilize other resources. You can access libraries all over the world without leaving your couch.
The downside of textbooks is that you’re not able to change the text that is already printed in the book, information changes constantly and tablets are able to adapt to these changes, resources in the web change constantly.
With tables there are many technological features that is not available with the textbook. Tablets are given differen...

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