Benefits Of Renting A House Essay

Benefits Of Renting A House Essay

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What are the benefits of renting compared to buying. For my college teammates that are renting a house are the smartest economical option for them. Renting and buying a house as a lot of variables that play into it. For example, your age, finical situation, location and the lifestyle that you choose to live. For my teammates renting a house with multiple members of the house is perfect. They all can equally split the rent and it 's a block away from the college. It may not be as perfect as it seems. Problems they run into are the lifestyle changes. For example, they cannot be noise college kids Because they took the responsibility of living on top of a family. They have too be considerate that family has to wake up early to go to work or school. They cannot be made ton of noise and listening to music loudly like the would want to be doing. At this age, most of my friends only have to take care of themselves, but one of my friends owns a dog so he. Finding a house that 's your ability to have pets could be challenging, most rental houses you are not able to have pets or you have to pay a fee to keep them inside the house. Another risk he is taking is that the dog dose doesn 't destroy anything inside the house.If this happens, they would need to talk to the landlord and place a workable form. That would cost all the tenets inside the house a lot more than just replacing the damages themselves. Another problem they run into is having too many people in the house at once. Their is a limit of how many people can be inside and if they have over the limit and the landlord receives notice that they have to many people they could be fined.

If you are interested in buying a house there is a lot of thought that goes into it. The fi...

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...d its all in your name the homeowner also own all the responsible for all these expensive problems. All these expensive lands on the home owner shoulders. In the opposite effect owning a home can make you money. If you buy a home that has been effected by a natural disaster you could buy it every cheep and fill it for a profit. You can also add to your home to increase its value. You could add features to your home like a pool or pano.

In conclusion its all about your lifestyle that requires you to rent or buy. There are many positives and negatives. To recap your age and finical situation are key factors. the younger you are the better it is to rent because in the beginning renting is much creeper. It also requires a lot less responsibility. Buying a house requires a lot maintenance inside and outside. But it also comes with a lot of pride of owning something.

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