Benefits Of Building Your Own Computer System Outweigh Negatives Essay

Benefits Of Building Your Own Computer System Outweigh Negatives Essay

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Do you have the tech savvy to build your own computer from parts and pieces? Do you have the desire to do so along with someone willing to help in that experience? This article is written from the perspective of over 25 years of technology experience with a focus of helping you decide if the benefits of building your own computer system outweigh the negatives. What type of system can I build? The answer to this question is "anything that you can afford." I would recommend getting a properly matched set of components from a vendor instead of pricing and ordering the CPU, motherboard, and memory separately. If you have the time to do thorough research on what type of CPU and memory are compatible with which motherboard, ordering these separately may provide a minimal cost advantage. On the other hand, it is quite frustrating (and possibly costly) to find out that one of these components is incompatible. Which video card do I want? This is a decision that will require an extensive amount of research. There are a huge number of video cards in the market with a $40 to $1,000 price range. The video selected should support the desired function of your computer system - gaming, video and graphics design, or simpler applications. Other component decisions - The amount of memory required by the target applications will influence the motherboard chosen since memory configurations vary by motherboard. You should also decide how much hard drive space will be needed. Large hard drives are getting cheaper, but your applications may need the speed of a solid state drive. This choice has the potential to inflate the system cost tremendously, at $0.79 or more per gigabyte. Monitor configuration - This, also, is a decision based entirely on yo...

... middle of paper ... decisions based on the understanding of economics, politics, history, and technology. Those are important skills. However, on a day-to-day basis the same individual will be concerned about revenue sales, cost control, and personnel management. For that, a college degree is less important. In this job market, I have seen too many persons with college degrees not keep their jobs, whereas at the computer technology level, a Cisco CCNA or a Microsoft MCITP certification coupled with experience will provide a person with more opportunities to get and keep a job. Those same unemployed persons find work because to the certification. Source: Toni Bowers, What 's better An IT degree or tech certifications?, TechRepublic Top 10 reasons why certification is better than degree, Adit Software Samrat P, Top 15 IT Certifications to Boost Your Career in IT Industry, TechHail

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