Becoming Police Officer At The City Of Santa Ana Essay

Becoming Police Officer At The City Of Santa Ana Essay

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Serve and protect as a police officer in the city of Santa Ana has been my career dream goal since I was growing up being influenced by police officers throughout my education. Seeing so many casualties by violence in my community is one of the reasons why I am pursuing this profession, so that I can be able to accommodate the best way I can to reduce the violence. Other reasons why I am desiring to become police officer is to save someone 's life, help people make better choices, challenging tasks, and serve my community. Although dilemmas with people being unsupportive with law enforcement has increased, I will continue to pursue this career and make a tremendous impact in the community. This career will provide me with excellent benefits and have a better lifestyle.
According to the Myers Briggs results, I am an extrovert, sensing, feeling, and judging person that will make an excellent contribution as a police officer in the future. It is essential for me as an extrovert to be open minded, outgoing, compassionate, problem solver, and active to enhance my confidence by helping ...

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