Essay on The Battle Of New York Harbor

Essay on The Battle Of New York Harbor

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Governor’s Island is located at the southern tip of Manhattan, at the meeting of the Hudson and East Rivers in New York Harbor. The island is significant for its role as a main factor in the defense system of New York Harbor. The island contains fortifications from an important period of American military construction such as the Caste Williams and Fort Jay. These fortifications were among the best examples of defensive structures. The island also served as a major military post and a costal guard station. The island wasn’t noticed by many New Yorkers it used to be a mystery for most observers, this was because of the landscape dominated by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island two other important historic landmarks in the United States.
The islands first involvement in the defense system for New York was the Battle of Brooklyn and from then on continue to be an advantage for the military. Several major commands have been headquartered on Governors Island. Not only is this island significant for Americans, but it was also significant to Europeans, and American Indians. From 1776 to 1996, the military installations on the island protected the United States, and the principles the statue of liberty across the waterside represented.
Verlyn Klinkenborg informed readers that “the original occupants of Governors Island were the Lenape Native American tribe around January in the 1600’s. The island had a great quantity of oak, hickory, and chestnut trees, leading the Lenape to call the island Paggank or ‘Nut Island’ ”. (Klinkenborg 2010). The island became known for these resources, especially around the 1600’s. In 1637 the Dutch bought the island from the Lenape Native American for only a couple of nails, bead and ax heads, and this...

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...Visitors today still view Governors Island as a historic site in the history of the United States but they use Governors Island for different reasons such as recreational use in viewed more as a park. People go there for things like playing golf, bike rides around the island, playing baseball in the fields, sightseeing and visiting the two fortifications; Fort Jay and Caste Williams.
Governors Island has an influential part in United States military beginning with the Battle of Brooklyn, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and War of 1812. The island and its fortifications served as advantages for the United States. After the wars the island still served to protect the people of New York City as one of the largest coast guard installation, it built buildings to give homes to many people. Governors Island was and still continues to be an important land to America’s history.

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