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Barbara Boxer, born Barbara Levy Boxer, is currently a Democratic U.S. Senator from California. She was first elected to office in 1992. During her terms in office, Boxer has advocated environmental issues, health care, women's rights, public safety, and the economy. She has proven to be dedicated to the causes that she said she would fight for. She has voted against bills such as the Firearms Manufacturer Bill (which failed) and voted for the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (which passes). She had decided to retire in 2004, but changed her mind because she is so passionate about what she believes in.
In September ‘04, Republican Bill Jones was Senator Boxer's "competition". In an article from The Sacramento Bee, Boxer linked Jones to Bush's administrations foreign and environmental policies and restrictions on stem-cell research. Boxer also notes that there are "300 ‘rollbacks'" in under the Bush administration. Boxer is known for fighting to protect the environment. While Boxer and Jones both supports stem-cell research, Jones opposes Prop-71 due to lack of state funds. Boxer states that "Bill Jones would make 90 percent of all abortions illegal". Boxer has always fought for women's rights, making her pro-choice on the situation of abortions. Bill Jones and his campaign spokesman made numerous allegations attacking Senator Boxer, and still, at the time this article was published, she maintained a significant lead over Jones.
By October, according to The Fresno Bee, Senator Boxer not only had a lead in the polls, but she also has a lead in fund raising. Towards the end of their campaigns, Boxer reported having $1.4 million, and Jones reported having less than $840,000. The differences between Boxer and Jones campaign were very evident. Boxer was the liberal; Jones was the conservative. Boxer didn't approve of the war in Iraq or Bush's policies on the environment, the economy, and health care. Jones strongly supported the president, particularly on the war in Iraq. I think Jones figured because California elected Schwarzenegger, a fellow Republican, he might have an easier time getting votes. But you can attribute Schwarzenegger's "popularity" to Gray Davis' unpopularity. And Schwarzenegger was already famous. Nobody knew who Jones was, but everyone knew who Barbara Boxer was. His loss was practically inevitable.

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After Senator Boxer's unsurprising re-election to Senate, one of her most noteworthy decisions was to urge Senate to keep the filibuster. A filibuster is something that the Senators use to postpone or delay actions from being made. Recently, the Republican Party wanted to do away with the filibuster so that the Democrats could not use it against their judges. In 1995, Senator Boxer voted to get rid of the filibuster and admitted she did so out of "frustration". The Senate came to an agreement that if the Democrats use filibuster free votes for Judges Priscilla Owen, Janice Brown, and Wilson Pryor, they can block the nominations on Judges Henry Saad and William Myers without the Republicans trying to do away with the filibuster again.
Senator Barbara Boxer has followed through with her promises. She has voted for environmental issues, better health care, women's rights, public safety, and the economy. There are so many other politicians that make campaign promises and never follow through with them once they get into office. Senator Barbara Boxer isn't one of those politicians. With her in office, Californian can sleep happily knowing that we put someone in office that is going to see to it that we aren't over looked. We put someone in office that is going to stand up for our rights. All we have to do is look to her examples to decide who to put into office after she retires.

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