Essay on Barack Obama 's Speech ' The Audacity Of Hope '

Essay on Barack Obama 's Speech ' The Audacity Of Hope '

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Barack Obama came on to the political stage in 2004 when he gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. Before this momentous occasion very few people had heard of the Junior Senator from Illinois – he had only been in the Senate for eight months. He titled the speech “The Audacity of Hope” to highlight the strength and resilience of the country and to encourage people struggling to rise out of poverty and despair and help them believe in a better future for themselves, their children, their families and their country.
The speech was not televised by the major television networks; after all, he wasn’t a known political figure and his name sounded foreign. His middle name would have made enough people uneasy that the networks probably didn’t want to risk upsetting a large section of their audience. When Obama left the stage that night, he walked into the pages of history. Suddenly, the commentators, pundits, and the press took notice. Headlines declared, “A Star is Born!” A Chicago Tribune Editorial said: “Obama delivered a brilliant, passionate and heartening speech”, and called him the “can’t- miss kid”, who made the Republicans “look lost” (Chicago Tribune 1).
In 2004, Barack Obama was a “kind of Phenom” (Chicago Tribune 2) who many predicted would go far not only within the Democratic Party, but would be a star on the world’s stage. A momentous day in America, July 24 2004 was “The day America Met Barack Obama.” (The day America).
Fast forward to 2008. The whole world watched Barack Obama beat John McCain in the Presidential election. Months later, in January 2009 37.8 million Americans watched on television as the son of a black African man and a white woman from Wichita, Kansas was swor...

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...sident’s stand on the Iran nuclear arms negotiation. The disrespect is littered all over the internet, even on reputable websites: bumper stickers and knickknacks with insults bearing the President’s image “Dump This Turd!”; “I’m Not A Racist, I Hate His White Half Too”, “Somewhere in Kenya a Village Is Missing Its Idiot” and so on (Stone 3). A lot of the disrespect refers to his black race (even though he is half white), his religion, or citizenship, even from people who should know better.
The President continues to surprise his opponents at every turn with his ability to bear the personal attacks, and to rise above their rudeness and uncontrollable anger towards him. He offered hope and change, but he found out that delivering these was an impossible task. Too many people wanted to ridicule, shame and discredit him more than they wanted to see him succeed.

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