Barack Obama Drew A 37 Minute Speech Essay example

Barack Obama Drew A 37 Minute Speech Essay example

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On March 18, 2008, Senator Obama gave a 37-minute speech that was dictated to his speechwriter merely 3 days prior. Appropriately titled A More Perfect Union, this speech was a formal response to a controversy that threatened his presidential campaign. The controversy was initially sparked when videos of Obama’s former pastor, advisor, and close friend Reverend Jeremiah Wright delivering offensive and provocative sermons were released. In these videos, Wright accuses the American government of countless offenses, such as orchestrating 9/11, perpetuating racism, and infecting African Americans with AIDS. This incident caused widespread questioning of Obama’s viability as a candidate, which resulted in Wright’s immediate removal from the campaign. However, Obama did not see this as a proper conclusion to the issue and recognized that merely denouncing Wright’s statements was not enough. So in order to successfully nix the situation, he and his speechwriter worked tirelessly for 3 days, and on March 18th they were ready to address the media. A More Perfect Union not only successfully diffused the Wright situation and won Obama the election, but it is arguably the most influential speech on the subject of race relations given in the past 50 years.

Obama’s speech commences with an immediate allusion to the hearts and memories of the American people. This was achieved by quoting the opening line of the U.S. Constitution, “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” This allusion to the constitution immediately grasps the audience and steers them to the comparison of the significance of the constitution and that of Obama’s speech. He then gives the audience a brief summary of the progress of racial equality in Ame...

... middle of paper ...

...ey’s turn, she explained that at the age of 9, since she knew her family had very little money, she convinced her mother that her favorite meal was a mustard and relish sandwich. Ashley finishes her story and they keep going around the room, and finally they arrive at an elderly black man. And when he is asked why he is there, he simply replies “I am here because of Ashley.” Pathos.

At that moment, Barack Obama had risen back to the top. According to a poll by CBS News conducted two nights after the speech, 71% of registered voters felt that Obama had effectively explained his relationship with Reverend Wright. And additionally, 14% saw themselves as more likely to vote for Obama after hearing the speech. Today, this speech is arguably the most memorable that he has ever given. Additionally the speech has over 10 million views across multiple renditions on YouTube.

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