Automation in Transportation Fare Collection Essay examples

Automation in Transportation Fare Collection Essay examples

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Automation in transportation fare collection represents a major technological advancement in the history of urban public transportation. “The move toward changes in the technology and methodology of fare collection has indeed become the order of the day as older and larger transit systems search for more efficient collection, better revenue control and effective marketing technique” (Jones, 1985).
The purpose of this project is to determine the feasibility of implementing different automated technologies in transportation system within Metro Manila areas and other cities in the Philippines to assist in the collection and accounting of passenger fares.
The study includes the following objectives:
1. Review the current practice in the transportation industry of automated fare cost collection and recovery systems, and their applicability in Metro Manila area.
2. Review current and existing related technologies in Metro Manila and other cities, such as Senior Access Card, to assess whether these current systems/technologies could be expanded to include the automated fare cost collection and recovery in Metro Manila’s transportation systems.
3. Complete a requirements analysis that reviews the business practice of transportation systems to determine any issues that might affect with the implementation of an automated fare cost collection and recovery system.
4. Develop a benefit/cost ratio to determine if the implementation of an automated fare cost collection and recovery system in Metro Manila area and other cities is feasible.
5. Provide an implementation report that will highlight any key barriers, difficulties or major issues that would need to be addressed, should the decision be made to implement an automated f...

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