Essay about Attempting to Clarify the Mystery of Eating Disorders

Essay about Attempting to Clarify the Mystery of Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders are hard concepts to grasp. They are not only a mystery to those who do not suffer from their pain, but also to those who have lived with them for many years. These disorders have affected countless amounts of young women throughout the world and they continue to ruins lives, ruin families, and ruin souls everywhere. Many bystanders to these diseases wonder this: “What in this world is preposterous enough to tear women apart so completely that they feel like turning to eating disorders is their only way to escape?”
Every single day, we are unknowingly exposed to one of the main causes of eating disorders. Media. The flawless bodies, the airbrushed faces, the digitally made perfection are all a part of giving these young women a false sense of how they should strive to look. Women like Marya Hornbacher will sit in despair for hours thinking horrid things such as, “Seventeen Magazine advises that thighs should not touch. Mine touch. I suck. It’s all over.” (Hornbacher 44) As appalling as this appears, this is the mindset of almost every bulimic and anorexic. Women are constantly being exposed to society’s idea of perfection through media. Many researchers have discovered that “relentless pressure from media images repeatedly convinces girls that they must have a body that does not gain weight.” (Standing Up For the Girls 23) There are countless organizations trying to eliminate the presence of false perfection in media productions. Humans truly do care, and some truly are trying to stop this horrid disease, they just need opened minded people to lend a hand.
The second major cause of eating disorders is harder to decipher. Family members can unintentionally be the beginning of a dark road for eating disorder victi...

... middle of paper ..., there is too much work to be done and too much studying to do.” Scientists show that at least 30% of anorexic were in high percentages of their class. (McDougall Testing Times Eating Away At Top Students 19) These facts should be alarming to everyone. Pressure is present in every aspect of young girl’s lives, and if they are not cared for and loved then that pressure might just change every detail of what their lives mean to them.
Eating disorders are hard concepts to grasp. They are a mystery to every soul in this world. Whether or not we fall victim to these diseases, they affect those around us constantly. Those of us who are not in a battle with these disorders, must be strong enough for ourselves and for those that need our help. If we can pinpoint the origins of these horrid diseases, then why are we not doing everything in our power to eliminate them?

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