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The Attack Of The Taliban Essay

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A few days ago, American drone attack along the Durand Line targeted the Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansur and martyred him. After the attack [President] Obama said: "We targeted the Taliban leader; that was a big step ahead; we created opportunity for peace in Afghanistan; the Taliban should accept the Kabul government, otherwise more attacks would be carried out against them."
Following Obama, the powerless Kabul officials also said: "We attacked Mansur; the Taliban should make peace, otherwise the Americans will hit them with drone again."
Obama taking responsibility for the drone attack and making the announcement himself, the puppet Kabul regime 's pleasure on the martyrdom of Mansur, ultimatum of [president] Ghani and of the Peace Council to Taliban- surrender or get ready for more drone attacks- were all threats of the Americans and their puppets in the form of new weapon and strategy against the Taliban.
The message is being delivered to the Taliban at a time when America and its puppet regime are faced with shameful defeat in quadripartite peace negotiations and other Satanic endeavors. They have gained nothing but disgrace on, international level, in the hands of Taliban.
In fact, with martyring the Taliban leader and such ultimatums, America and its puppet regime showed to the world only their stupidity and incapability.
It is not Americans ' first killings; they have been carrying out massacres in Afghanistan for 14 years and have killed thousands of innocent Afghan people with their planes, tanks and, also, at the hands of their puppets. But they have not been able to make even one Afghan to surrender to them. Hence, it shows their blatant stupidity when, after 16 years, they are happy with using the same p...

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If the puppet regime can scare the Taliban with American drones or can martyr Taliban by providing coordination and spying to the enemy, the Taliban can directly eliminate 200 high ranking puppets in the 10 Directorate. [Referring to the 19 April 2016 Taliban attack on National Security Directorate in Kabul]
The Taliban say that the despicable, inconsiderate and emotional ultimatum of the Americans and the Kabul regime 's act of scaring the Taliban with strangers ' aircrafts and calling on them to surrender, is a kind of message that only shows their stupidity and incapability and nothing more. That kind of message not only make the Taliban even more determined in achieving their sacred objective and make them more united, the message also discredits the regime 's false slogans of peace and mutual understanding that promise false hopes about peace negotiations.

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