Athens Should be Admired According to Funeral Oration Speech

Athens Should be Admired According to Funeral Oration Speech

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Pericles, the leader of the Athenians had presented this oration about those people, who had first fallen in battle. It is part of their law and show the respect of honor to those who had lost friends and families. The purpose of Pericles’s speech was for the ancestors the supervisors, who died for their country and lands. This famous oration was from the early days of Peloponnesian war. The speech was for every Athenian and any others who wished to attend. Athens was one of the oldest first city states and still known as one of the most famous cities in the world. According to funeral oration speech, Athenian should be admired for three reasons.
The first reason is that Athenian should be admired for their custom and tradition. According to Pericles speech, Athenians had great respect for their warrior class and they were proud of their city and its customs. They respected the warrior class and placed them among the top member of the society. In Athenians society, one of the important custom is their funeral. According to their customs, the funeral starts three days before the ceremony. In this ceremony, the bones of the death body were laid out in a tent and their friends brought offerings to their relatives of what they most wanted. Furthermore, in the funeral procession, cypress coffins were set up for the different types of tribe. The bones placed in the different coffin according to their tribe. One empty coffin was set up for those, whose body could not be recovered. In this procession, the female relatives came to wail at the burial. Any citizen or stranger who wants could join this procession. This types of the ceremony prepared at the people’s cost .This custom is coming from generation to generation and it will be continue in future.
The second reason is Athens should be admired for their democratic system. The political system of Athenians was a democracy. Democracy came from the Greek word “Demo” which means the people and” Kratos” means to rule. Athenian democracy developed in the Greek around 550 B.C .It was known ancient democracy. Athenians democracy was a unique and intriguing experiment so, other cities also followed this model. All the Athenians were equal and there was no different between classes and their status. Laws were equal for all of them. It did not classified rich, poor, educated, uneducated, and their status.

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Although there were individual freedom, the freedom did not make them lawless. According to their law, every citizen must have obey the magistrate and law.
The last reason is Patriotism. Athenians were extremely proud of their city and traditional; they would ready to die for their country. They thought, their country is always on top and other countries could not top of them. Athenians were very courageous, and laborious so, they were always able to encounter danger. They were not only admire for their labor and courage but also they were able to eliminate the poverty in their own effort. Moreover, their military policy was differ from other countries. They were not strict for other countries or foreigners. They allowed and give them opportunities of learning and observing but sometimes if foreigner tried to take negative advantages from their country; in that case, Athenians people were able to protect their country from the enemies. In addition, their education system was able to produce a manpower according to the requirement of their country.
In conclusion, we can say that the purpose of Pericles’s speech was for the ancestors, the survivors, who died for the country, and their families also, It discuss how important was the warrior class in Athenian’s society and how the Athenian’s people had a great respect for their city and it’s customs. According to Pericles’s speech Athenians should be admire for their custom, their democratic system, and patriotism.

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