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Where is Heaven?


A wind blew over the meadow, bending a lone sapling almost to the ground. But it sprang back. It sprang back. It reached towards the hiding sun even though a branch had been torn off, leaves had flown away, and the wind would come again. The brown grass had sunk into the mud of previous rains. But alas, one more storm would come. One more cloud crept up upon the land. One more time the ashen sky would break and fall and drown out all that was left - except the hope, the love, the sun in her eyes, except for her will to forgive and rise above the gale.


Where is heaven? In a similar question, where is hell? From where does our desire to be at peace come from? However you feel at any particular moment is a product of your own making. We will all end up in the same place, but what that place will be to us is dependent on how we live our lives. God forgives, and if we too forgive and succumb to love, we will be in heaven. If we are guilt ridden, well, I suppose we shall do time in purgatory. And all of us with hate in our hearts will burn forever in the pits of our own damnation. While on this earth we are allowed to give these places a go. We are allowed a taste of all that is above, and, I suppose, below as well. We are given a chance to decide our fates. I won't tell you which to choose. It's up to you.

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