Asian Pacific Health Corps At Ucla Essay

Asian Pacific Health Corps At Ucla Essay

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Asian Pacific Health Corps at UCLA gave me the opportunity to serve uninsured and low-income families in the community I grew up. Through monthly health fairs and an annual health fair in my hometown Monterey Park, I became aware of the health issues plaguing my community. As a student-run organization, we handled the logistics of the health fair, which included contacting venues, health care professionals, and local organizations. At health fairs, I interacted with patients by conducting blood pressure and body mass index screenings. Based on their results, I then educated patients on how they could achieve a healthier lifestyle by making changes to their diet and exercise routine. It was amazing to see so many patients that were willing to fix their bad habits and improve their health. In addition, I provided them with information as to where and how they could attain low-income or free health services. Witnessing the patients’ appreciation and desire to make lifestyle changes gave me the feeling that I was truly helping to improve their health and making an impact on my community. I believe that this experience has prepared me to be a physician who takes the time to understand diverse cultures and simplifies health topics to ensure understanding. Additionally, it has also shown me how much I can learn from someone just by listening to patients.

As the volleyball season started up in my junior year of high school, many students and players had already lost hope. The previous year, our team ended up last place in our league with a measly record of one win and nine losses. Despite these sentiments, I refused to accept the possibility of repeating such a disappointing performance and believed that we could make this a memorable ye...

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...t serve diverse patients. Not only did these experiences provide me with leadership opportunities, they have also made me aware of the social and cultural factors that may impact one’s health decisions. I learned about how different cultures are educated about medicine. For example, the research showed that minorities, especially African Americans, are less likely to pursue living donor kidney transplants. Many of the patients I spoke to do not understand what a kidney transplant entails and believe that one’s health is a personal issue that should not get others involved. Furthermore, I have become comfortable working with and educating a wide range of patients coming from different cultures and socioeconomic classes. I believe this will put me in a prime position to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive care while treating each unique patient in the future.

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