Asian American, Who Left Out From The Debate

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Asian American, Who Left Out from the debate What will be your first thought when you hear the word “undocumented”? Immigration issue, especially undocumented immigration issue is always framed as Latino issue. On the contrary, Asian immigrants are often left out of this discussion. As the matter of fact, Asia is now the largest sending region for immigrants. Asian Americans are the fastest-growing immigrant population in the United States today. They are expected to become the largest immigrant group in the United States (Foley 16). Asian American should not be left out from the discussion of immigration reform because Asian American has made a great contribution to the history of immigration in the U.S. Many of them are still struggling with these issues of deportation and visa backlog. Asian American have a long history of immigration in America. In chapter thirty five, author Shelley Sang-Hee Lee explains that “Immigration is an important part of our understanding of U.S. social experience” (Hee 128). Asian immigrants bring their diverse culture, language and custom from various Asian countries. They help improve American economic development. Also, they play an important role in American society. The first Asian immigration flow is the Chinese Immigration in the mid-19th century to work in the gold mines and railroads. The Asian immigrant population grew rapidly between 1890 and 1910 (Hee 130). The increasing of population of Asian immigrants have brought a lot of problems. Many of them were facing the issue of ethnicity, discrimination, and the process of assimilation. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which banned the immigration of Chinese laborers and proscribed foreign-born Chinese from naturalized citizenship and the ... ... middle of paper ... immigration history in the U.S. Even though Asian immigrants have a larger share of the U.S. population, they face distinct challenges. Many undocumented Asian immigrants are facing the challenge of being deported and separated from their family, even though they were born in the U.S. or have entered the U.S. in their young age. One of the concerns of Asian immigrants is the model minority stereotype, which asserts that the majority of Asian immigrants have already achieved the American Dream. In fact, Asian immigrants are not exempt from issues of deportation and visa backlog. Thus, Asian American should not be excluded from the conversion of undocumented issue. The media should share more AAPI stories to raise awareness about Asian immigrant community. From those stories, we can ensure that AAPI can develop their own voice for comprehensive immigration reform.
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