Essay about Artificial Determinism Versus Soft Determinism

Essay about Artificial Determinism Versus Soft Determinism

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Do humans have freewill to decide what can what they can choose to do, or are they dictated by external forces the moment they come into existence and do have freewill? A question that many people wonder about, and tries to find ways to answer it in a few different ways, for instance following the determinism stance where humans have no free will, with their lives being dictated by an external force. While in contrast people who believe in libertarianism, by having a stance that shows humans to have freewill without any choice being influenced by an external force. However, soft determinism, or Compatibilism is stance that people take to allow free will to coexist with external forces guiding individuals, but not to an uncontrollable state. Soft determinism allows for humans to have freewill, while not totally following an unknown, or external force, as humans are the main cause for their actions, while those actions are still influences by some means, and that humans are responsible for the consequences following their choices.

Humans are not forced to follow a path, and can choose to take many different routes due to their unpredictability. A human can do whatever they desire, or feel like to do, with the only restraint being physically unable to do something beyond their capabilities. A human can choose to kill, die, fight, build, or do a countless number of actions in a moment without being hindered by an outside forces. Humans are the primary cause of committing an action, and decisions that can be not influenced by a third party. A determinist may view that humans are already decided by their history, or by an external force that “guides” an individual to their destiny, or fate whatever it may be. However, the...

... middle of paper ... plot is about a man named Guts who spent his entire life struggling life by fighting constantly, and being situations that will kill other men, but always survives because of his will to survive. However, a major component of the story is that the world is that the world is ruled by devils who control, and manipulates smaller events that will later lead to a large scale event that changes the world, so they manipulate a person’s environment so subtly that they will take advantage of their weakness, and use it for their benefits. While they do control a lot of aspects of Guts’ life by basically turning his life into a living hell the moment he was born, he still defied death, and the devil’s control of his fate, as they cannot change the future in their favours entirely, so in a sense freewill exists in that world, but people still are influenced in an extreme way.

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