Essay on Art Of Resistance And Mikami 's We Shall Overcome

Essay on Art Of Resistance And Mikami 's We Shall Overcome

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In his letter to Captain Butler regard to the sack of the Summer Palace, Victor Hugo writes that “Governments are sometimes bandits, peoples never”. This is my impression after watching Hoaglund’s ANPO, Art X War: The Art of Resistance and Mikami’s We Shall Overcome. Some of my grandparents’ families died in the Second Sino-Japanese War, my grandparents have always been hostile to Japanese. These two movies strike me that when we talk about politics, it is necessary to distinguish the people from the nation. While in China there are many protesters against Japan, in Japan there are dissenters of Japanese government, too: in ANPO, Art X War: The Art of Resistance, using their art, artists protest against the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, also known as ANPO in Japan. In We Shall Overcome, residents of Okinawa demonstrate with their bodies against the construction of the United States military base. I am not only impressed with the solidarity of activists, but also touched by Japanese authroories’ consideration.
Although these two movies move me so deeply, I think the nature of their solidarity and protests are worth considering. First, the solidarity of protesters does not equal to the solidarity of Japan. As the title of the film ANPO, Art X War: The Art of Resistance suggests, art is a powerful tool to resist war. While the title probably means painters like Ishii Shigeo use art to reflect upon the past and to express his opposition, the movie as a whole also suggests that a medium film is also a great way to resist war. Just as in other medium such as paintings and novels, a movie cannot reflect all perspectives and hence is more or less biased. In ANPO, Art X War: The Art of Re...

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...arena. What a compromise between two nations on a territory dispute is mutual understanding and love. At the end of his article, Sendal likewise advises that “it is possible to bring together the two types of issues—territorial and historical injustices—within a broader frame work of common understanding and a shared future … such an approach would have to transcend the aggressive nationalism” (355).
Therefore, while I admire protestors in these two movies, I think achieve peace in the long run it is indispensable to have an international perspective and to understand foreign nations. Furthermore, it is necessary that this thought replace the prevalent nationalism to become the mainstream ideology. Hugo says, “governments are sometimes bandits, peoples never”. Indeed, peoples are never criminals, yet
the silent in the crowd are accomplices who acquiesce in the crime.

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