The Art of Hair Weaving Essay

The Art of Hair Weaving Essay

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It has often been said that hair weaves are typically thought to be used by African Americans. Weaving is a technique that consist of sewing artificial or human hair that has been sewn onto a weft onto braids or a weaving net. A weaving net helps to protect your hair from damage caused by the tension of the thread while pulling it to secure the wefts.
Hair weaving dates back as far as Ancient Egypt and throughout history. Egyptians adored a good hair weave. It was considered a form of self-expression and common practice for them to trim their hair and create dazzling wig out of it. The men on occasion wore more dashing styles of wigs than the women. Women more so used weaving methods because of their diminishing hair. This practice is still used today for men and women who suffer from different types of hair loss.
Today weaving is a very lucrative business. Over the past 10 years the hair extension market has developed remarkably and there are more weaving techniques than ever. Growing up I can remember my aunt Jeannie, my mothers’ sister adding a hair extension ponytail made out of synthetic hair to me and my cousin Yalena, Marys’ daughters’ hair. Synthetic hair looks similar to human hair but is made out of monofilament fibers, polyfilament fibers, acrylic or polyester. She would brush our hair into a single ponytail with gel, spritz, and using rubber bands secure it. Next she would make a French braid using the synthetic hair and with a rubber band tie it to the ponytail. Then the hair left out from our ponytails was wrapped around the braid and

secured with a bobby pin. She would then finish the look by decorating it with a bow or colored
When I got a little older my mother started braiding my hair. Braiding ...

... middle of paper ...

...and twisted individual ponytails using small sections of hair. Over the years she has shown a great interest in doing hair so this past Christmas my mother purchased her a mannequin head from Mary’s beauty supply store. She has since learned how to use curling irons and how to braid hair, but has not mastered cornrowing or French braiding.
Educating boys and girls early in adolescents about proper hair care will help them be better aware about the possible risk and health risk associated with chemically altering the hair and wearing weaves and hair styles that cause tension and breakage. Avoiding things like braids, extensions, and ponytails that are pulled too tightly which can cause traction alopecia, and the hairline to recede. Someday I hope to teach Aniyah more hair techniques, and she will one day do hair for a hobby or maybe even become my Cosmetologist.

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