Essay on Art, Color, And Line

Essay on Art, Color, And Line

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In Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background Matisse uses color and simple lines to create a warm environment to show an intimate moment of a women. Matisse uses color to express emotions, which is why the colors are so warm and inviting. The simple lines are used throughout the painting so no one part of the painting is more important than the other. Matisse gives the viewer just enough information to understand what the object is. The placement of every item, including the figure is important to how the viewer sees the painting, nothing feels out of place. The use of space, color, and line, create a painting that is able to be emotional yet available, intimate yet comfortable. The painting shows the human spirit in the way that is should be, without fear of judgement.
Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background depicts a woman, her lower body wrapped in a white sheet, sitting on the floor. The walls are covered in a very ornate floral pattern. The flowers are red and white, and there is a blue and brown pattern behind them. A very ornate mirror blends into the wall. Next to her on the left side of the painting is a potted plant, which has a blue and white pattern on it. In the front middle of the painting, on her right side, is a bowl with four lemons. She seems to be sitting on a hardwood floor, and on the floor where her foot is resting is a rug. The rug is red and yellow and also has an intricate pattern. In the right bottom corner of the painting there seems to be a pillow, which is covered in a floral pattern. All of these details are important to note because they are all equally as important as the figure. The women feels centered, and equal to her surroundings. In many other nude paintings, by Matisse, and ...

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...Fauvism movement that Matisse helped create. Fauvism was inspired by post-impressionism and sought to “use of intense color as a vehicle for describing light and space, as well as for communicating the artist 's emotional state” ("Fauvism Movement..."). Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background is a perfect example of both of these ideas coming together. Matisse is able to express the intimate moment as soft and comforting by using color and line that the world had not seen before. Works like this by Matisse is the beginning of conceptual art. Using the world around him as only a muse, but letting his own creative expression take president. Making the object that one is creating less about what is actually sitting in front of a viewer and more about the thought process and importance of the techniques and the ideas expressed through actually creating the work.

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