The Argument in Favor of Reality TV Essay

The Argument in Favor of Reality TV Essay

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“... I’m grateful for reality TV. If it’s sending society to hell, at least the kids and I can go there together,” James Poniewozik remarks in his article “Why I Watch Reality TV With My Kids” “When people complain that there are fewer good TV shows for families to watch together, it’s often assumed that means that TV has become more vulgar or adult,” Poniewozik continues to explain. However, a huge portion of shows are put into this pot of stereotypes and criticism, when they actually have good values and give viewers something more than just great entertainment. Although the majority of reality TV shows are constantly getting negative reviews, there are many positive aspects of reality TV shows.
To begin with, reality TV is always being judged as mindless TV; however, it serves many families as great entertainment and a unique way to bond. For example, it’s Saturday night and my family and I are home with nothing much to do. We decide to watch a little TV, and as my dad flips through the channels, he stops on a show titled The Voice. We get dumped into the middle of the season and contestants are getting eliminated; this is the kind of show my family and I love watching. Once the next commercial break begins, my family and I are suddenly buzzing with excitement and giving our own opinion of the contestants. “No, she is obviously going to win the whole show!” exclaims my mom. “What are you talking about? The other team has a better chance!” my little brother retorts. Within just a few minutes of watching the show my family and I are enjoying great entertainment and bonding with one another. Furthermore, Poniewozik explains that, “... when the regular TV season ended in May and the summer-premiere season started, it was an exciti...

... middle of paper ... experience on things like cooking, culture and travelling within a few minutes through watching reality TV shows.
Indeed, reality TV has developed a bad reputation for itself; however, with careful speculation, one can see how beneficial reality TV shows can be. Reality TV shows offer great entertainment, inspiration, and a chance to travel the world to experience the world without having to travel much at all. Poniewozik said, “... I’m grateful for reality TV,” and I completely agree. Reality TV has great benefits to it, so go home, sit down with the family and turn on some great entertainment.

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