Argument, Critical Thinking And Rationality Essay

Argument, Critical Thinking And Rationality Essay

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It would be accurate to suggest that Taha Muhammad Ali expresses an idea in poetry that Joseph Williams and Greg Colomb express in form in “Argument, Critical Thinking and Rationality”. In Williams and Colomb Essay (2012) they explain how arguments help us to critically think, arguments allow us to stop and think about what we want to say or what action we want to take. To persuade someone to accept what we are saying or the action we are going to take we can provide facts (p.117). In Taha Muhammad Ali’s poem Revenge Ali is in a way arguing with himself and persuading himself on what action he should take. Muhammad Ali stops and thinks about the man that murdered his father; Taha expresses that if someone cares for this man then he will not take that man’s life. Williams and Colomb (2012) also explain how in order to live in a diverse society we cannot just tolerate other people’s views instead we need to be able to understand and explain not only our own views but be open to why someone else has a different view (p.120). Muhammad Ali is able to put himself in his father’s murders shoes and the shoes of that man’s family. Muhammad Ali may not understand the man’s actions but he is able to understand and have empathy, if he was to kill this man he is causing other people more pain and suffering.
Empathy is not always easy to achieve. Currently as a nation we are debating whether or not we should allow the Syrian refugees into our country. After the attack on Paris and the ISIS threat against America next, it is easy to see why Americans would not want to let Syrian refugees into our country. It is a difficult decision to make, especially since most of the refugees are women and children. These refugees are trying to escape the te...

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... a way to work with others to find a solution to the problem at hand by critical thinking. Even if both sides still do not agree it is important that there is a respect and understanding for each other’s views (p.14). We as a country we need to take the time to listen to one another and not become angry when someone has an opposing view. By critically thinking and having facts to support the argument we are making we can help to respect one another.
Both Williams and Colomb and Taha Muhammad Ali suggest over coming anger and revenge by taking time to think about the situation and placing yourself in the other person’s shoes. Williams and Colomb suggest that we can achieve this by critical thinking; we must understand and respect someone else’s point of view. Taha Muhammad Ali over comes his anger by thinking about the pain he would cause others if he took revenge.

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