Essay about Are Pat-Downs and Full-Body Scans as Airport Security Too Much?

Essay about Are Pat-Downs and Full-Body Scans as Airport Security Too Much?

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I believe that the pat-downs and full-body scans at the United States airports are too much. Many people oppose it and it is receiving negative reception. (Stellin) There is an issue of privacy when it comes to pat-downs and full-body scans. People do not want their body to be groped or scanned in a way which shows nude images of them. Another thing about this new security practice by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is that it is time consuming, so travelers have to go through the unpleasant chore of having to go through security longer. I believe that the Transportation Security Administration is violating traveler’s privacy and their solution in making the airways safe is too excessive. I looked at many articles, videos, and websites that help prove my point.
The first article I read that supports my point is found in the USA Today website. I found this article reliable enough to make a conclusion. It has fairness and balance as it interviews both the travelers who oppose the new security and those that accept it; therefore there is equal say on the matter by the two opposing sides. Also, they have many reliable sources.
An example from the article of a reliable source is Anne Seymour, “a Washington-based crime-victim advocate who’s flown about 35 round-trips this year.” (Stoller) She is a reliable source because she is authoritative and is a multiple source. She is authoritative because she travels frequently and therefore passes through security more often. She is multiple because many others sources are saying the same thing. In the article she says, “[It] was an incredible invasion of my privacy and private parts…All I kept thinking was how horrifying this security measure would be for the one in four wo...

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