Essay on Application Specific Technique for Improving QoS

Essay on Application Specific Technique for Improving QoS

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QoS is measured by the following factors:
• Reliability
• Delay
• Jitter
• Bandwidth
A currently used important method of improving QoS is priority queuing where each flow is assigned a priority and put into a priority class based on a given priority value. The highest priority queue is processed first and the lower ones subsequently.

An improvement that can be made to this method is the time based multiplexing where the time based allotment is dependant on features of the requests in the queue. This can be implemented at the application level for determining how much fraction of time should be set aside for servicing each type of request.

If we consider a specific application, it handles several types of requests from different gateways. However, every application has different requirements and hence a static Time Dependant Multiplexing is redundant.
In an application specific environment, usage at a particular time for a particular subservice is always influenced by the usage of all other subservices at some time before....

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