Apple, Inc.: Innovation at Its Best Essays

Apple, Inc.: Innovation at Its Best Essays

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According to the Fortune 500 they are number one in innovation. They specialize in finding out what people want in a computer and then give it to them. Apple Inc. is the name and would be a great long term investment in the stock market because the company is really innovative with products like the iPod, iMac, MACBOOK, iTunes, iPhone and their newest product the iPad. Apple is number six in company financial soundness and will be around for years to come. (
Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in the city of San Francisco, CA. As a baby he was put up for adoption, and was adopted by a middle-class couple from the Bay Area, Paul and Clara Jobs. He grew up in the valley and was surrounded by apricot orchards. At the age 14, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak age 19, and they quickly became good friends. (
The year was 1974 it all started with the Apple l. Steve Wozniak showed a circuit board he had been working on to Jobs, and Jobs was impressed. They decided to build more of these circuit boards. Short on cash for parts for the circuit boards, Steve sold his Volkswagen Van, and Wozniak sold his HP calculator. It was made in Steve’s garage and the case was a wooden box. By 1976 the Apple 1 was complete. Only a circuit board at the time. It was really advanced for the times. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak showed it to software hobbyist from The Homebrew Computer Club. The club members were not impressed with the computer, so the guys from the club paid it no mind. Only one guy from the club took them serious his name was Paul Terrel. Paul was opening a new computer store and thought the Apple 1 was what he needed in his store. He ordered 50 at $500 each for the new Apple 1. After the sell to Paul...

... middle of paper ... company to invest in.

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