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On the island of Tucsonia in the southern Aegean Sea, numerous ancient Greek pilgrims and other observers come together in this little island to celebrate Apollo and his significance to the mortal world. Apollo the sun god was the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin brother of Artemis. He was known for being the most “Greek” of all gods and was known for his young physical attributes. Apollo was also the god of sailors, colonizers, and prophecy. Although he had such important tasks as a god, his remarkable skills for music, predominantly identified with the lyre, was also acknowledged. One of Apollo’s most important daily tasks was to harness his four-horse chariot across the sky in order to move the sun. Thus, the festivities begin during the summer solstice each year, where daylight is the longest, then ends during the nighttime.
Once I have set foot in the entrance of the festival, the first thing that caught my attention was the temple of Apollo that centered and enlivened the gala. I circumambulated the architecture and was impressed by the workmanship that went through to construct this pantheon for Apollo. Tall undamaged Corinthian orders surrounded the outside borders of the structure. On the topmost location of the walls, above the pillars, the entablatures are well-adorned with high reliefs of Apollo riding his chariot, playing his lyre to the other gods, and Apollo being accompanied with Leto and Artemis. The temple does not have an inner chamber, but has a sizable throne in the middle that faces the east in consideration of where the sun rises, where the sun god would customarily sit theoretically. Two life-sized marble sculptures of Apollo are placed on the north and south walls of the temple, facing inwards to the thr...

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...o go faster, while raising his left fist in the air. Immediately after he hits the line, the crowd goes crazy with whistles and loud applause. Many people including myself showered the winner with flower petals, while also cheering the other contenders that were gradually arriving the end. Once all the participants got to the finish line, the head-leader of the festival honored the first place winner with a golden laurel tree leaves diadem, a bronze Apollo-decorated vase that is filled with fruits, and a satisfactory sized bouquet of flowers. The chariot race ended right after sunset, and the ones with families begin to head home. Other mature individuals who did not bring a family however, remains in the festival area for merry drinking, music and late supper. The day festivities were full of energy, but the crowd grows quiet and calm as it gets closer to nighttime.

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