Essay on The Antagonist Is The Opposing Power

Essay on The Antagonist Is The Opposing Power

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The antagonist is the opposing power in some stories. His/her role might be real or fictional; the antagonist can be a living person, an animal, or something less touchable, like an emotion (fear), a natural disaster (flood), or a material object. Protagonists and antagonists are two traditional rival characters of a story, who work in the same environment but seek different solutions for problems in a story. They work both together and against each other in the setting of the story with the goal of prevailing upon one other. Each story develops a different plot, theme, and setting, but the antagonist always creates a conflict and provides an opposing force to the protagonist in order to deny the resolution he is seeking, which makes his character more interesting and challenging than protagonist.
By assigning the roles played by different characters, especially the protagonist and antagonist, writers deliver their message in a short story or novel through plot or by narrative. Specific events take place according to the wishes of the writer, who moves from one setting or event to another in order to overcome the conflict provided by the antagonist against the protagonist, who is seeking the goal of resolution. The struggle between the two reaches to the highest emotional stage when the events and actions reach a crucial point called the climax. This is the point of no return for both the protagonist and the antagonist, as the story or narrative is about to reach its logical end as decided by the author.
The turning point of the story depends upon the struggle made by the protagonist for seeking the resolution or the nature and intensity of the conflict or opposing force produced by the antagonist in denying the resolution and ...

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...g was archaic, then it would have been acceptable but not in a modern setting.
Amongst others, one of the most important characteristics of the American short story is the role of an equal or powerful antagonist against the protagonist. A weaker offers no surprises and suspense to the reader and less challenging environment to the protagonist in a story. To me, the antagonists are more interesting than the protagonists because they provide constructive aspects to short stories. Their presence in short stories provides a balance of actions; they are helpful in the smooth unfolding of the events through the story and provide a checks and balance in characters’ actions. They display the real time life experience of obstacles in our lives. Their presence in a story gives us the strength to fight the internal and external forces that reshape our behavior and personality.

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