Animals Should Be Kept in National Parks Essay

Animals Should Be Kept in National Parks Essay

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Would you like to see animals behind bars or have a great communication with them face to face?
People now set up national parks in order to protect edge species, which are facing extinction made by human development. In the other hands, people set up zoos for animal study but more for entertainment. Because of several reasons, animals should be kept in national parks instead of zoos for the sake of animal protection. There are some facts about them to help understanding and comparing their work and function.
The first sentence was very good but your second and third sentences were
National parks
A national park is an area that is protected by people and government in order to maintain the unique natural resource in this area. People also set up national parks or other parks with same system in order to defend some local historical features from destruction. Animals, as one of the body parts of the national parks, are considered to be the main reason of national parks' establishment. Although every national parks are different in shape and size, people always consider a national park as a massive land contains one or more significant relief and special ecosystem. All the national parks in the U.S. are run in a system called NPS now, which attracts over 270 million recreational visit ever year by local people. (Young, "National Park.")
“The first idea of national park was created by George Catlin, which defined the national park as an area protected by government, by policy, and containing some significant natural resources. After he presented his idea, the first national park was created in 1864 when...

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