The Animalistic Side of Werewolves in Society Essay

The Animalistic Side of Werewolves in Society Essay

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In this research paper, I would like to focus on the idea of werewolves in our society. By using Cohen theory, thesis six we will be looking at how werewolves in our society have operated on a spectrum of fear and desire. We will be looking at how the ideal fear that once repelled us from the animalistic side of werewolves have become something in society that’s craved. We will also be looking at how werewolves have gone from looking monstrous to sexual appealing creatures in the media.
II. History and context
Werewolf history has many roots in multiple cultures, some even advancing back to ancient times. One legend in particular that caught my attention was one heard a lot from a Native American tribe that used to live in, what we now know as Wisconsin. It is here that the gift of shape shifting into werewolves was said to be started in the Fox Tribe. This legend, started with a spirit-god by the name Wisakachek. Wisakachek was a shape shifter that was able to co-exist with humans in a peaceful manner.
One day Wisakachek stumbled across two boys by named Ken and Matchitehew [who caught a deer with a bow and arrow, that they later shared with Wisakachek. Weeks later he stumbled across them again they explained how they have yet to get gain. Remembering their kind generosity he decided to bless them with the same gift as himself. He allowed them to be werewolves under the condition that they do not harm anyone no matter the reason. Months passed without a problem until one day Matchitehew let his rage get the best of him and he killed a human boy. Because of this act of violence, they Matchitehew and Keme feared and kicked out of their tribe. Angry at what had taken place Wisakachek decided to punish Matchitehew by cursing him ...

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