Ancient Greece : The Parthenon Essay

Ancient Greece : The Parthenon Essay

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The Parthenon
One of the most famous structures from Ancient Greece is the Parthenon. A temple built for the guardian goddess of the city, Athena. Figure 1 is a picture of the Parthenon. I have Chosen the Parthenon because I think it is one of the best examples of a classical building. In my work I will review the architecture. To do this I will use different works from different authors and sources. After which I will present my ideas and thoughts.
The Parthenon, a temple for Athena, was built on top of the acropolis in Athens. It was built there because the older buildings and temples of Athena on it were destroyed after a Persian attack on the city in 480BC. The Parthenon was rebuilt because two earlier versions of a temple of Athena were destroyed. There are no traces of the first temple. It was located on the south of the Parthenon. The second was located on the same place the Parthenon was built on, until the Persian attack. During the attack it was burnt down, while it was under construction. To rebuild the Parthenon some marble that had been created for the old temple were recycled. They reused the marble and the column drums in the new temple. The Parthenon was placed in a way by the architects of the acropolis so that visitors would see the temple first, from below the acropolis.
Pericles, a military and political leader of Athens from 450BC to his death in 429BC, ordered the reconstruction of the Parthenon. Figure 1 shows a bust of Pericles. He was “a nobleman with inherited wealth”. He is considered to be mainly responsible for the growth of Athenian democracy and the Athenian empire. “He had the vision and power to create a new Athens which would be the envy of the ancient world.” The Partheno...

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...kept in a safe place to preserve them from any further damage. A museum was opened in 2011 called the Acropolis museum. The important remaining ruins are kept here. The museum was built 300m away from the Parthenon.
I have chosen the Parthenon for this essay because I believe that it is a great example of a classical building from the ancient world. At the time it was built there was no temple like it. It is unique. The size was incomparable. The statues and the temple are still admired today by millions. Today the Parthenon is a popular tourist destination. It is an iconic structure that represents the Greece. The temple has inspired many with their designs for other buildings. A replica of the building was made in Nashville Tennessee. I think that Pericles has achieved his vision of creating an Athens that is the envy of the world through the Parthenon.

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