Analyzing Identity in Racist Language Essay

Analyzing Identity in Racist Language Essay

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Throughout the semester I have learned to analysis the dialogue of the texts we read and came to find out the characters voices derive the tone of the author's argument. Better yet, I learned how to read between the lines. Based on the series of texts I have read in GEW 101, I come to depict the significance of language to one's identity is that racism is not acceptable, by comparing texts, authors and scholarly sources. Some of the texts and authors include: Martin L. King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail; Urban Neanderthals; Black Ball; Gran Torino and a Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. I believe that the connection between all these texts brought about a social change in the community by the language of the authors.
The leader of the American Civil Rights movement in the 1950's and 1960's was Martin L. King Jr. Martin L. King Jr. was an activist for civil rights who dealt with opposition of his brothers and unjust segregation of Negros. While reading King's Letter from Birmingham Jail I became aware that the letter was written when King and hundreds others gathered to protest in Birmingham, Alabama. The letter is a response to eight clergy men who questioned his protest. Kings writes of the injustice African Americans that have suffered. King realized the best strategy to make his point was, to use nonviolent forms of protest. King was in Birmingham because injustice is there, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Aaron pg. 438). After all, King knew that using violence was not a way of establishing or interacting with others, it would lead to violent counteracts from Whites. He was looking for a way for people to follow him and not get hurt but to create a smooth transition into negotiation. Unfair and ...

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... the Montgomery Improvement Association, King didn't stop there. King delivered his most famous speech “I Have a Dream” on the Lincoln Memorial Steps. This speech touched many young blacks searching for freedom. This social change that Martin Luther King was involved in was so touching and made a huge impact on society that he received the Noble Peace Prize on December 10, 1964. King's tone helped change the lives of many blacks, because he promised them hope and freedom. King also gave up his identity as a minister to focus on the Civil Rights Act, in which they walked the freedom walk with 125,000 people on June 23, 1963. King put his life on the line with each and every black that suffered the harsh incidents. There are many people throughout history that have helped get equality for African American's. Martin Luther King did just this, and moved an entire race.

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