Analysis Of ' The Untranslatable Word Macho ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Untranslatable Word Macho ' Essay

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Rose Guilbault in "The Untranslatable Word Macho," addresses the separate meanings of the word macho between Hispanic and non-Spanish communities. As a child, the author knew the word "macho" as a desirable personality trait. She believed that her father was the ideal of the word: responsible, hard-working, strong, and honorable. However, she came to realize that modern Americans view of the word is a violent, chauvinistic and aggressive man. Eventually, it became a stereotype of all Latin men as the negative version of macho. Rose Guilbault believes that the change started during the 1960s with Hispanic women in the feminist movement. Women who traditionally viewed men, who by their uncontrollable nature were drinkers, gamblers and sexually promiscuous, began to view it as unacceptable. So the meaning of the word "macho" changed and the new meaning became the standard in English. As a result, word meanings can show a deeper disconnection between cultures than simple differences in language can tell. There is can also be a disconnection between perception and reality in the view of gender. Women are especially vulnerable to the labels placed on them by society and the way that they shape the reality of the women who have to live with them. The social, intellectual, and domestic stereotypes in modern society shapes the people who live in that world. The goal to combating stereotypes is to address the differences between the stereotype and reality.

There is a word that goes with the word macho, marianismo. It reflects a belief in an ideal woman such as the Virgin Mary. This ideal woman is gentle, passive, virtuous and self-sacrificing. In the 19th century, there was an belief in the “Cult of True Womanhood.” It was an idea similar ...

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...” fields, such as engineering or construction are viewed as unfeminine, weird, or as being a lesbian. Men who go into the traditional feminine are also considered as wrong, but with less stigma attached.

Our modern stereotypes are shaped and influenced by the past. Traditions such as marianismo and the “Cult of True Womanhood” are a byproduct of their times and cultures. Some women do fit the stereotype and are happy to do so, but the need to push all women to fit the mold hurts us all. There is no one size fits all to gender or personality, male or female. There is a spectrum for everyone. Educational and exposure to different belief systems have slowly started to break down the walls of stereotypes and beliefs; so, we need to keep up the fight to give everyone the chance to grow and thrive in the own way and time. A chance to grow without the cage of stereotypes.

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