Essay about Analysis Of The Novel ' Silver Sparrow ' By Tayari Jones

Essay about Analysis Of The Novel ' Silver Sparrow ' By Tayari Jones

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The life of Dana
The novel Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones is the story of two families with the same father, a bigamist. Chaurisse and her mother Laverne, James Witherspoon 's first wife, have no idea the other family exists. Dana and her mother are part of his secret life, playing second fiddle to the family they share their father/husband with. The novel presents a wide variety of instances where intersections between gender, race, or class influence a character’s life. This novel shows how the identity of people change through the course of life and how it affects their interaction with other people in life. Dana is the daughter of James Witherspoon and Gwendolyn. However, as Dana grows older, her interactions with lack of empathy, lure for acceptance and gender role cause her identity to change over time. Consequently, this affects her relationship with her father, her paternal grandmother, Miss Bunny and her mother Gwendolyn.
Every girl wants to feel loved by her father. At a young age, Dana grows up without the love of a father. James Witherspoon is the father of both Dana and Chaurisse because he married Gwendolyn even though he was still legally married to Laverne. As noted by Dana when she states, “My Father James Witherspoon is a bigamist” (1). This is the confession of a worried girl whose father, James Witherspoon though married to Laverne still goes ahead to marry another woman named Gwendolyn. Hence, Bigamy has a huge effect on the life of everyone in the book but most noteworthy is the devastating effect it had on Dana. Every child needs to feel loved by their father but this is scarcely felt by Dana due to the presence of Chauri...

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In conclusion, Dana progresses through childhood and adolescence making life tough decisions, seeking acceptance, empathy and adhering to the society prescribed gender role as a submissive woman. Dana’s life portrays various characteristics in different situations which she faces. She is a strong woman who tries to make things work out irrespective of the complicated family life that exists between her, Gwendolyn, Laverne, Chaurisse and James. Dana is a victim of circumstance who tries to make her life worth living by virtue of a strong will and purpose. The intricacies of a complex family life deals a blow on Dana’s character and viewpoints in her formative years but a strong desire for something better helps her reshape her destiny into a life more worthwhile in her later years.

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