Analysis Of The Movie ' The Get Down ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' The Get Down ' Essay

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Back in the Bronx during the 1960’s and 1970’s it was common to see poverty, violence, gangs and drug dealers. This city was forgotten about and it was filled with poor people living inhumane places. Buildings were being burned to the ground by gangs hired by landlords, so they could collect insurance money. This lead to the evolution of music which changed society for years to come. In the episode of “The Get Down,” hope, violence and music is used illustrate the character lives and hardships they face in the Bronx.

“The Get Down” begins by introducing the two main characters, Mylene and Ezekiel, which are both very talented kids growing up in the rough part of the Bronx. Mylene has an amazing voice and is an ambitious girl who dreams of getting out of the Bronx one day by getting DJ Malibu to see her as the next star. By going to Les Inferno she thought this was the only way to get someone higher to recognize her talents. The decision to go Les Inferno was dangerous because there were drug dealer, pimps and criminal in the club. She had to make a decision on how far she was willing to go to get DJ Malibu to listen to her tape. She didn’t take Cadillac offer because she would have to sleep with him and in order for her tape to get to Malibu. She chose to keep her dignity instead of selling herself for chance of fame.
But also, in the Bronx back in the 1970’s, it was very hard for talented people to get noticed. This also shows the audience that there were limited ways talented people to leave the Bronx. There were plenty of kids with talent trapped with no hope of ever escaping the conditions. Her dreams are being held back by people close to her, from the little sister telling on her and the father beating on M...

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...kground like, when they are at Les Inferno everyone is smiling, laughing and dancing in the club. The music is what brought all different people together to enjoy music from DJ Malibu. Everyone comes out in their best clothes and anticipates what he going to play that night, so they bust some dance moves and win the dance contest. The music is what untie all races and gangs to come together and squash beef they have with other and just focus on having a good time.
So reflecting on “The Get Down,” the film showed hope, violence, and music throughout the episode. Therefore, it illustrate what it was like growing up in the Bronx. Violence was major in the Bronx and it took courage and ambition to escape from the horrible conditions. It took music to cut down on the violence and bring all gangs together as one and fight against the real cause which is government.

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