Analysis Of The Movie ' Deepwater Horizon ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' Deepwater Horizon ' Essay

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On a Monday afternoon, A couple of friends and I drove about forty-five minutes to El Dorado to see a movie. A movie in which we didn’t know anything about. None of us had even seen the trailer. I sent my friend a link to the movies that were showing at the cinema in El Dorado, and she had chosen Deepwater Horizon solely on the fact she liked the actors that had been cast for the movie. A few of these actors included Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson. Deepwater Horizon, as I came to find out on the car ride there, is about the most devastating oil spill in United States history. Since this event occurred only roughly six years ago, I recognized it after my friend called it the BP oil spill. Growing up in south Arkansas, I know many people that work on oil rigs so the spill was something that came close to home. The movie portrays the events leading up to the rig explosion and the aftermath concerning the people aboard the rig.
When we first got to the movie theater, it was around 4:20 in the afternoon. The movie didn’t start until 4:45 so we sat in the car for a few minutes. I noticed that were only a few other cars in the parking lot. When we walked up to the ticket booth there was a sign saying to buy our tickets at the concession stand so we proceeded to go inside. The lobby featured a game room to your right as you enter and a large concession stand. The tickets were at matinee price which is seven dollars. This is only two dollars cheaper than the regular price for admission. I decided not to buy any snacks due to being familiar with the cinema’s prices. One of my friends spent around twenty dollars on popcorn, a drink , and her ticket. There is a “manager special” at the theater that includes two large drinks...

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...ce. The same effect could have been given without the flickering going on for minutes at a time. I know that my friends also had to look away at this point in the movie because of the flickering lights. I also do not think that the captions explaining certain points in time, and the status of the rig were on the screen long enough for the audience to really comprehend what it meant. Other than these few things, I really enjoyed the movie and the overall experience. It was nice to get out of Magnolia for a couple hours and go watch a film.
Overall, I really enjoyed Deepwater Horizon. I also believe that Stars Cinema 6 was a good choice to go to the film at. Besides the concession stand prices being ridiculously overpriced, the atmosphere was pleasant. Also, the theater is only about forty-five minutes away so it was very convenient considering we went on a Monday.

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