Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper ' Essay

Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper ' Essay

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"There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful thananything that bleeds. Don 't wait until you break. - Laurell Hamilton" This is oftentimes the sentiment felt by soldiers who have served in active duty and have been witnesses to tragedies that leave them emotionally scarred. The Clint Eastwood directed film, American Sniper is amovie that features the real life tragedy of American soldier, Chris Kyle, who served in theUnited States military as a Navy Seal, which is an elite group (Kenny, 2014 and Treitschke,2015). His story is unique in that he himself suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), but as he worked to recover, he valiantly served again by helping fellow soldiers withPTSD ("Chris Kyle," 2013), and was senselessly gunned down on February 2, 2013 by another veteran, who was believed to also be suffering from PTSD ("Chris Kyle," 2013). Bradley Cooper who plays Chris Kyle has played in a variety of films ranging from comedy to drama and even military themed action films, such as the A-Team, but none quite as realistic as American Sniper(Kenny, 2014). The writers took the time to capture every detail of Chris Kyle 's life before and after serving in war in an effort to show the devastating effects PTSD has on our soldiers, their families and their return to life in society (Kenny, 2014 and Iribarren, 2004). It is a compelling story in that it shows the severity of PTSD in soldiers due to the magnitude of violence and gruesome things experienced in war (Chesnek, 2011). In particular, the movie depicted a gut-wrenching scene where Chris Kyle is seemingly forced to kill a child. The scene attempts to illustrate how soldiers have to make split second decisions to kill enemy combatants t...

... middle of paper ... (Hoge, 2014 and Zoellner, 2001).Then mental health follow-up must be made part of a soldier 's transition back home (Hoge, 2014). This will help identify thosewho are not coping well and be given treatment that would be effective in helping them better manage PTSD (Hoge, 2014). In addition, community education is also necessary which will help employers, medical personnel and society at large to help our soldiers have the best chance athaving a healthy life after war and avoid tragedies like that of Chris Kyle, the American Sniper(Hoge, 2014 and "Military Service-Related PTSD," 2007). Truly this movie can be used as aeducational or training tool for soldiers, families and health care workers, especially since it was based on a real life experience. I believe it will help bring greater awareness of soldiers with PTSD and how we can better serve our Veterans of war.

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