Analysis Of The Canon, For All The Wrong Reasons By Amy Tan Essay

Analysis Of The Canon, For All The Wrong Reasons By Amy Tan Essay

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Empowering Intersectionality
Intersectionality can be seen in many situations across the world. Oftentimes it is related to assimilation and adaptation, however these situations are not always seen as a force to completely change one’s views. In Yvonne Ridley’s essay How I Came to Love the Veil she explains how her “devastating” situation of captivity by the Taliban altered her views. In Sandra Cisneros’ essay Only Daughter she also explains how intersectionality lead her to believe that her father would no longer accept her. And in the essay In the Canon, For All the Wrong Reasons by Amy Tan she explains that she does not desire to be a famous writer simply because of her ethnicity but rather would like to be well known because of her writing abilities. Intersectionality is often view with a negative connotation but, in Ridley, Cisneros, and Tan’s situations it altered their viewpoints in a positive and empowering manner.
Throughout Ridley’s essay the problems she faced as a result of her gender, race, and education are prominent. She takes her situation and beliefs and applies it to the general population explaining “[They] look at veiled women as quite, oppressed creatures” (Ridley 46), Muslim women are stereotyped and viewed by the general population as people with no say about their own lives. Muslim women deal with the judgment from outsiders who are ignorant to their true culture. They are viewed as lower class simply because of what they wear. Cisneros’ essay also included the problems of race, class, gender, and education. She felt that breaking the standards placed on her by her cultural norms it would displease her tradition loving father. He felt that Cisneros should find a husband and not focus on her education so ...

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...he shelf. Choose what you like” (Tan 4), she explains that as a reader an individual has the right to form their own opinion of her writing but if they do not like it they do not have to read it because she writes for her own pleasure and no one else’s. All of the women took separate approaches to dealing with their issues but all of these resolutions allowed them to see the positive side of the problems.
All three of the authors were faced with issues regarding intersectionalities but they were able to handle their personal situations in way that bettered themselves as women. Ridley discovered new opinions and rid herself of ignorance. Cisneros took the path less traveled and educated herself which lead to a successful career that still made her father proud. And Tan ignored her critics and recalled the original reason she wanted to be a writer in the first place.

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