Essay about Analysis Of ' The Bonesetter 's Daughter '

Essay about Analysis Of ' The Bonesetter 's Daughter '

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Over the summer, after taking a break from reading a novel just for entertainment, I sat down to read How to Read Literature like a Professor and it was the exact novel to refresh and supplement my dusty analysis skills. After reading and applying Foster’s novel, How to Read Literature like a Professor, towards The Bonesetter’s Daughter I found a previously elusive and individualized insight towards literature. Although, The Bonesetter’s Daughter is full of cryptic messages and a theme that is universal, I was able to implement an individual perspective on comprehending the novel’s universal literary devices, and coming upon the unique inference that Precious Auntie is the main protagonist of the novel.
In How to Read Literature like a Professor one of the new literary skills I learned was intertextuality. Intertextuality is a connection between different literary sources, such as “the ongoing interactions between poems and stories” (Foster 29). Similar to intertextuality, the connections between each chapter supplement the entire novel. Although, it’s obvious that each chapter from the same novel would be related to each other, the technique used by the author is what makes the connections notable. In the Bonesetter’s Daughter, intertextuality is present in the similarities between Precious Auntie’s story and the story of a fairy tale. Similar to a fairytale Precious Auntie’s story has a wicked witch, a princess, and a prince. However, because of the ironic twist, Precious Auntie’s story is a fairytale gone awry. In a fairytale the princess gains her prince, defeats the wicked witch, and has a “happily ever after”. However, neither does Precious Auntie gain her prince, whom dies, but the wicked witch: Chang gets away with the cri...

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...ns in her life. Also, Precious Auntie finally gets to exist with an actual identity, and name. This last chapter is true cliché at play, and clichés make me sick. However, this time I believe that the cliché ending ties up the novel very well because it answers the questions posed in the first chapter. The significance of The Bonesetter’s Daughter was not so much based on the novel itself, but on how well the reader could comprehend the novel. As the reader, I believe that my comprehension of The Bonesetters Daughter was unique to me, and was supplemented by the lessons in Foster’s novel: How to Read Literature like a Professor. My analysis is unique because for me Amy Tan’s novel is based on and surrounds Precious Auntie, making her the main protagonist. Although this might not be true for others, it is for me and shows the individuality in a reader’s comprehension.

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