Analysis Of The Article ' First Baby Born From Ivf ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' First Baby Born From Ivf ' Essay

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Many parents want a child that will achieve a lot and leave a mark on this earth, leave a legacy behind. Egg donation, karyomapping and IVF allow for parents to create this child they want. But can “playing god” and creating a child through these options cause more health, social, and ethical problems down the road. Bioengineering through egg donation, IVF, karyomapping, and other techniques should be totally illegal in the United States because of expectations parents will have for children, leftover embryos, medical risk, and custody problems.
Egg donation, Karyomapping and IVF are very huge issues today but they do cause some good. In the article “First Baby Born From IVF Technique Which Eliminates Inherited Disease” by Sarah Knapton talks about the positive sides of an IVF procedure that checks for genetic disorders in the embryo. This couple was able to have a healthy, normal, disease free baby that was at risk to inherit a rare muscular dystrophy. In the article Knapton states, “The chances of becoming pregnant are higher than usual IVF rates”.
Bioengineering allows infertile parents or parents who do not want to pass a certain life threating disease not have to do that through IVF, and allow them with a higher possibility of getting pregnant. Bioengineering can cause some goods like the fact that this family was able to have a child that would not have a hereditary disease or that Bioengineering can lead to many jobs for others and advances in scientific and technological things but the cons out weigh the pros of Bioengineering and we should not allow bioengineering to be something that happens.
Firstly, bioengineering should be totally illegal is because of the expectations parents would have for these c...

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...our father saying “she’s not mine” and realizing how many people actually took part in the birth of you.
In conclusion, bioengineering should be totally illegal in the United States because of parent expectations, leftover embryos, medical risk and custody problems. Bioengineering children is like playing god and we all know what happens when you play god just look at all the Jurassic Park movies. Getting an egg donor because you’re infertile is a great thing we are capable of doing but allowing IVF, egg donation of picking your child’s genetics and karyomapping should be illegal. A child should be born the way it is not by a process of selection that you choose. This isn’t like chipotle were you could create the perfect burrito by choosing everything you want on it. These are human beings and they should be allowed to be born into the world choose there own paths.

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